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Former Las Vegas Cabbie earns Internet income 

by Phil Staudt
February 16, 2010

Internet Income Business Opportunity

An Internet Business I Endorse.

My name is Phil Staudt. I grew up in Gladstone, Oregon, and graduated from Gladstone High School in 1978. Now I live in Las Vegas, and I am a full time Internet marketer and I make money with affiliate programs. I also used to be a taxi driver in Las Vegas, and I worked at several restaurants in Las Vegas. I have also been a salesman, entrepreneur, I have been a factory worker, waiter, bartender, restaurant manager, bar manager, and owner of several small businesses, including a janitorial service, t-shirt business, commercial salmon troller, and limousine service.

Why do I tell you who I am? Because I want to let you see that I am a real person who is writing this. I only endorse a few things, and that is only when I have enough knowledge about them, and I know what they are all about, and who is behind them. Then, and only then, I am not afraid to use my name to promote things. The online companies I am promoting at this time are owned by an individual I have worked with, and have known since 1986. Timothy L. Drobnick Sr. has been working online as an Internet marketer since 1995. I have only been a full time Internet marketer since March 2009, but I have done part time online marketing and have promoted affiliate programs since 1999. I recently hooked up with Tim Drobnick because he was getting ready to launch a new company that interested me greatly. Timothy L. Drobnick Sr. launched his latest business less than two weeks ago.

There are a lot of snakes and crooks and swindlers and scammers on the Internet. The Internet has made it possible for the crooks who were using mail order and telemarketing to run their scams in the 90's, to magnify their scamming operations and train the new scammers on how to rip people off on a grandiose scale. They use bogus names and tell all kinds of big bold lies, and nobody is monitoring them or stopping them or pressing charges against them. Every now and then you hear of a rogue seller or swindler, but for every one who gets caught or punished, there are thousands upon thousands of unscrupulous individuals who know how to hide and sneak and run, but not until after they steal and deceive and laugh their ass off. That is the way it is in Internet marketing.

Why do I tell you that? I learned early on that it is not good in sales to bad mouth the competition. Doing that instills fear and aprehension in the minds of your potential prospects. They start thinking, "Yeah, you're right. And come to think of it, you are probably just as bad as them." Well, at the risk of losing some potential customers, what I look for over the years is somebody who is willing to be real and honest and up front. If I turn some people off, and cause them to be discouraged, and they don't get into business opportunities that I make money promoting, that is fine by me, as long as I have given them the best advice I have to anyone who wants to make money online: BE CAREFUL!!!

How do you know if an Internet marketer or online marketing program is honest and ethical? One way is to google the name of the promoter or company. But does that really give you an accurate picture? Any real Internet marketer who has been on the Internet for a few years or more, who uses their name to sell things, is going to have a lot of results on google or bing. Anyone can join all the social networking sites, and build a few fancy looking websites. That does NOT mean that they worthwhile or reputable.

There are malicious websites that have been put up for the purpose of defaming people and companies. They tell malicious lies to discredit individuals and organizations. But it is always important to consider the sources of websites. They are either hiding under a rock, or they are one of the websites that specifically target a lot of reputable businesses online and call them scams, and intentionally slander them and make false claims, because it gets people to go to their website and pay attention to them. One of those websites is Check them on wikipedia and see if what I am saying is true: They have been sued many times, but to no avail.

There are also the websites that are put up that use the word "scam" to get people to go to their website. If you google popular marketing programs or people, many times you will see their name on google next to the word scam. But if you click on the link, you will find that it says absolutely nothing about that person or program or website that is being used in the link. It is just a ploy to get traffic to their website and get people to look at what they have to sell. There a many many tricks and schemes online, so expect them, and be wise to them.

The Internet is the wild wild west and there are not any sheriffs in town.

If you check out Timothy L. Drobnick Sr. on the Internet, and his websites, you will find that there are very many good people who have been doing business with Tim Drobnick for many years, because he is honest and fair, and truly wants to see people succeed as Internet marketers. Timothy L. Drobnick Sr. does not mind if you do your due diligence, and there is no time clock telling you have to sign up in five minutes to get a hot deal. There is no pressure to whip out your credit card right now, because anything that is a good deal today, will also be a good deal tomorrow.

Any body can put up some bogus testimonials, but you will find out that he has real testimonials on his websites, from real people, who are involved in other Internet businesses and marketing programs, who use his websites and programs all the time to promote the other things they are doing. Timothy L. Drobnick Sr. does not tell people that they should only pay attention to his websites or marketing programs exclusively, because he is not afraid of people comparing his websites and affiliate programs to other ones. Some Internet marketers sound like you are joining a cult or a gang, and that if you dare look at other opportunities or see what other people are doing online, that you are breaking some kind of code and will be cursed. Tim Drobnick believes in free enterprise and respects the freedoms he associates with to look at lots of opportunities and create multiple streams of income.

That is why I want to introduce my friend to you, who owns several online businesses and is a real person. You might meet him in person and shake his hand, and think to yourself, this guy is just like me. He has worked doing real jobs at real companies. Tim Drobnick grew up poor, and their were no rich uncles or successful mentors to take him under their wing and make him successful. Timothy L. Drobnick Sr. had to go out there and struggle, and search, and learn, and get ripped off, and he has been lied to and cheated, and has been robbed just the same way that others have been. However, he is an eternal optimist, who never gave up on himself and always believed in his ability to overcome the odds without any deep pockets behind him, and his persistence has paid off. He could be a hell of lot richer if he had been willing to lower his standards and cheat people out of their money.

Don't lower yourself to being a scammer, or promote something you would not recommend to your mom or best friend.

Be picky about who you sleep with. Remember that you have to sleep with yourself for the rest of your life, so don't get stuck going to bed with a crook.

Be careful. Don't get scammed. And make lots of money.

by Phil Staudt
February 16, 2010



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